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Our Practice

We’re Cherished Companions, a Castle Rock veterinary clinic that’s committed to making your pet family comfortable. Our veterinarians specialize in the care of cats and dogs. We serve as the family doctor for your pets. As a local, family-run business, our Castle Rock veterinary clinic has helped local pet families stay healthy and feel at ease since 2001. We’re honored that pet families from across south Denver come to visit us. We attract families from Parker, Castle Pines, Larkspur, Franktown, Sedalia, Highlands Ranch, Littleton and more. If you’re looking for a Castle Rock vet, we’d love to get to know your pet family!

  • Dr. Melanie


    I’m the owner of Cherished Companions and one of the veterinarians on staff. I provide every service a veterinarian can, except for orthopedic surgery. I especially enjoy soft tissue surgery and dental surgery.

    My family tells me I always wanted to be a veterinarian. In high school and college, I enjoyed science classes, so I researched careers where I could pursue more science classes. I narrowed it down to human and veterinary medicine, and I decided on veterinary medicine because I thought it would be more challenging and fulfilling. It has been! I thoroughly enjoy each and every dog and cat I see, and I strive to decrease their stress as much as I possibly can. I also am immensely blessed to be a voice for the voiceless!

    I earned my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Purdue University. In November 2014, I finished a two-year course and was certified in pet ultrasounds and echocardiography. I also took Tony Woodward’s two-day course in veterinary dentistry.

    I had five dogs and several cats over the past 25 years. My dogs have included an Irish setter named Rosie, a Belgian sheep dog cross named Scooter, a yellow lab named Ranger, a black lab named Maggie, and a Rhodesian ridgeback cross named Kenny. My current cat is Hidey, and she will be 21 years old soon. Our latest edition is Rebel who we adopted from the German Shepherd Rescue.

    I enjoy hiking (especially in the mountains), skiing, old movies and following Purdue’s basketball teams.

    Favorite Compliment from a Customer:

    My dog loves coming in and seeing you!

  • Dr. Christin


    I have a weakness for Golden Retrievers having grown up with them my whole life. Mesa is definitely a Colorado dog. He loves to go running and hiking with me. My two blacks cats, Nina and Soot, would rather stay inside and wander from one sunbeam to the next in-between meals.

    When I’m not at the clinic you can find me either outside running, bicycling, or hiking. If the end of any of these excursions happens to be a brewery or winery where I can sit outside with Mesa, it’s purely a coincidence. However, when the weather is poor or I just can’t seem to find the motivation, you can find me curled up with a book (or IPAD) covered by Nina and Soot.

    I received my Bachelors of Animal Science degree from the University of New Hampshire. Then, I went on to receive my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Colorado State University.

    Why I Became a Vet:

    “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

    Me: “I want to be an animal doctor!”

    “A Veterinarian?”

    Me: “Yeah!”

    I guess I never grew out of that phase…

    Favorite Compliment from a Customer:

    “Woof, Woof!” with a lick to the face.

  • Dr. Jeff


    I was raised in Southern California, but I’ve also lived in Hawaii, Delaware, North Carolina, Maryland and Nicaragua. I’m happy to now call Colorado home. I love exploring new places in Colorado with my family. I especially like to get out and go backpacking… “Pack it in. Pack it out.”

    When I lived in Nicaragua, I had a menagerie of pets because everybody brought every sick animal to the local veterinarian. Our family had two cats, two dogs, two parrots, two turtles (are you seeing a trend here? My son’s name is literally Noah – no joke!), one monkey, one iguana and countless geckos, cockroaches and ants, if you can call them pets.

    Sadly, we had to leave the little zoo behind when we moved, and we look forward to collecting again. Right now, we have a chinchilla, and we’re looking for a kitten.

    I received my Bachelors of Animal Science degree from the University of Delaware, and I studied veterinary medicine at North Carolina State University. Go Pack!

    Like most veterinarians, it was a childhood dream that never went away. I’ve continued to be attracted to the profession because I’ve grown to see how I can serve and care for people while I’m caring for their pets. I really enjoy soft tissue surgery, and on the days that I perform surgeries, I get to wear my pajamas (aka scrubs) to work. Bonus! I also have some additional training in ophthalmology and enjoy seeing those eyes.

    In my role at Cherished Companions, I want to engage in a conversation with you. I want to hear all of your concerns regarding the health of your pet. And then, I want us to come up with a diagnostic and treatment plan that we all agree is the best and most reasonable approach. This process is unique to each pet. I especially enjoy those times when we can achieve an accurate diagnosis and the cure is straightforward.

    Favorite Compliment from a Customer:

    I was 26 years old at the time. I had been a veterinarian for a full four days when an elderly woman brought her beloved poodle in for an examination. This lovely woman looked me up and down and then said, “Sweet dear, I have underwear older than you!” That was a long time ago, and it’s now rare that I’m confused with a 26-year-old pair of underwear.

  • Lauren

    Veterinary Technician

    I am a born and raised Colorado Girl. I grew up in the Colorado Springs and Castle Rock areas. I have a sheltie named Reilly who loves to play fetch and chase squirrels.

    I have a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and a minor in art and design from the University of Northern Colorado. I am currently attaining a veterinary technician degree through Ashworth College. Since I was little I have always wanted to work with animals. So after I graduated from UNC I decided to chase my dream and pursue the veterinary industry.

    When I am at Cherished Companions, you can find me training to become a veterinary technician. I assist with appointments, surgeries and overall pet care. I enjoy helping the animals feel comfortable during their appointment and getting to the bottom of what might be going on if their health is of any concern.

    When I’m not at Cherished Companions, you’ll find me hanging out with my friends and family, making memories. Enjoying the outdoors or creating art pieces out of old barbed wire, pallet wood, or whatever I can get my hands on.

  • Chelsi

    Lead Technician

    I am a certified veterinarian technician here at the clinic. I help assist doctors with exams, diagnostics, treatments and surgeries. I’ve always had a love for animals! I am proud to be there for someone’s pet the same way a nurse would be there for me. I enjoy working with animals because it’s a certain kind of challenge one has to be prepared for. They can’t tell us what is wrong, so to help them find comfort is very rewarding to me.

    My two-pound Yorkie, Kaya, is always so excited to see me whether it has been hours or mere minutes. I can check the mail and come back inside to a dog that is literally so elated to see me! Nothing is better than feeling so loved and appreciated by your little fur baby!

    When I’m not at Cherished Companions, you’ll find ee hanging out with my friends and family. You will also find me watching movies, shopping, walking, hiking and camping.

    My Education:

    Community College of Denver, Associates Degree of Applied Science to be a Veterinarian Technician
    Northeastern Junior College, Associates Degree of General Studies

    Favorite Compliment from a Customer:

    I always appreciate when I’m recognized from previous appointments! I find it complimenting to know that I made a difference in the life of you and your pet worthy enough to be remembered.

  • Hannah

    Certified Veterinary Technician

    I am a veterinary technician at Cherished Companions and my role is to work with the doctors in helping each pet that comes in. I love the diversity in breeds of dogs and cats that I get to work with each day.

    I just graduated from Bel-Rea Institute with an associate’s degree in Animal Technology. I’m from and currently living in Littleton, CO with my German Shepard, Jax. His favorite things to do are going swimming, going to the dog park, and eating. I think my favorite story about Jax was when he taught himself the food bowl trick. I woke up one morning and fed Jax before work, but once I left he taught himself to grab the food bowl and get fed again by my boyfriend. Finally that evening he did it with me and Jax’s second breakfast came to light!

    I’ve always been around animals growing up and decided at a young age that I wanted to be around them as much as possible. It started with volunteering at animal shelters, but after attending Bel-Rea I fell in love with this field.

    When I’m not at Cherished Companions, you’ll find me taking trips to the mountains for hikes or just relaxing at home with my dog.

  • Allison

    Veterinary Technician

    I am a vet tech, so I assist the doctors with their appointments, surgeries, and overall pet care. I love getting to see all of the different breeds, as well as seeing how much joy they bring to you and your family. Animals and people are two of my favorite things, so getting to work somewhere that fulfills both of those passions is a dream.

    I have five puppies: Grizzly, Turbo, Midnight, Precious, and Mr. Wiggins. Grizzly, Turbo, Precious and Mr. Wiggins are Aussie mixes. Midnight is a Lab mix. They love to play fetch, cuddle, run around the background, and break world records in destroying their toys the fastest.

    One of my favorite stories about Mr. Wiggins and Grizzly is a couple of years ago they learned how to open up Christmas presents, so we got them their own Christmas presents to open. It was so fun to watch them get excited about their new toys!

    When I’m not at Cherished Companions, I love hiking, exploring new places, and trying new coffee shops. I also love spending time with my family and furbabies.

    My Education:

    Waldorf University, Bachelor of Science, Organizational Leadership – Leadership Communications



  • Sarah

    Veterinary Technician

    My career choice was a combination of two of my passions: people and animals. I truly enjoy my interaction with each of our clients and providing the best possible care to their beloved pets. I also enjoy my time with the staff and doctors here at Cherished Companions. I started as the receptionist here and have transitioned to a Vet Tech. I assist the doctors with patients, acquiring their histories and assisting with appointments and follow-up care. My special skill is being observant of an animal’s body language before interacting with them, because each animal is on a different comfort level when coming to the vet.

    The best thing about working with animals is that they all have such kind souls and I enjoy meeting each and every one of them and helping them through their time with us and making them feel better.

    I have a dog named Tuckernuck aka Tucker. He is a 1 ½ year old Black Lab. He will retrieve anything in sight and of course play with other dogs at the dog park. Just like every Lab, he loves swimming and playing in the sprinkler. I have always loved watching Tucker play in the water. My favorite memory takes place last summer when the Meadows Pool closed, and they let all the dogs go swimming. I have never seen him so happy!

    When I’m not at Cherished Companions, you will find me at the pool going down the water slide, hanging out with my husband and Tucker, and enjoying time in the mountains.

    My Education:

    The University of Denver, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
    Minors in Sociology and Anthropology

    Favorite Compliment from a Customer:

    After a puppy’s first visit to the vet, the owner thanked me for making their pet’s first experience to the vet such an enjoyable one. That made me very happy to hear that!


  • Julia

    Veterinary Technician

    I work as a veterinary technician at Cherished Companions. This means I am lucky enough to greet you and your furry friend at the door, listen to any questions or concerns you may have, communicate that to the doctor, and assist the doctor with your pet’s care and treatment.

    I have always been drawn to animals from a very young age. In high school, the only thing I ever got in trouble for was bringing home stray cats. Helping animals and trying to improve their lives brings me so much joy. They made such an impact on our lives, so I strive to do the same for them. Of course, it’s always fun to see all of the cute animals that come in every day. What I enjoy the most though is seeing an unwell pet get better!

    My cats’ names are Gulliver, Raisin and Elsa. Elsa and Raisin are domestic short hairs and Gulliver is a domestic long hair. My cats love to birdwatch, groom, and play with each other. Elsa loves to play fetch. One of my favorite memories about my pets is when I adopted Elsa. I went to a cat rescue and she came right up to me, curled in my lap, and started purring. That was it for me – I brought her home the next day!

    When I’m not at Cherished Companions, you’ll find me hiking, reading, or spending time with my friends and family!

    My Education:

    University of Colorado Boulder, Bachelor of Science, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

    Favorite Compliment from a Customer:

    My favorite compliment so far was after working with a sick pet, an owner told me she appreciates my patience, care, and compassion towards both her and her pet.

  • Cathy

    Support Team

    I love working with animals and have always wanted to increase my knowledge to provide the best care for them.  They only want your kindness, and in return, they give their unconditional love.

    I try to share my experiences (and there are a lot of them) with our clients and find solutions to their problems. I try to make them feel at home here in our clinic. I have long-time clients who come in and say, “You are still here, I’m so glad to see you.” I’m a familiar face to many.

    I have been with the practice since 1988 with Dr. Anderson, who then sold to Dr. Melanie.  I continue to learn more every day, and I really do LOVE my job!

    I am a 3rd generation Colorado native (currently Sedalia, CO, born in Denver) and live with my 3 dogs:

    Gabby – a 60+ lb, Black Mouth Cur dog.  She is very exotic looking and full of energy. She dances on her hind legs, and she likes to take my hand in her mouth and walk with me when I come home.

    Cabo – A wonderful Jack Russell. A friend gave him to me when he was displaced by a former owner. He loves to be cuddled and watch TV with me. He barks and runs for the door when a doorbell rings on TV. I don’t have a doorbell! He is a character.

    JD – My real rescue … what was I thinking? He was a medical mess when he came to the clinic: bladder stones, a previous fight wound and he was somewhat disfigured in the face. We fixed him and I took him … the poor guy had been placed in 5 other homes before I took him. He is now happy, and he does rule the house! He is very athletic and when I feed him or he wants in the door, he looks like a Mexican jumping bean. He will jump up and push his front feet into my back while I am trying to get his food. It really is funny to watch at the door because he can jump for a really long time and not get tired while woofing at me the whole time!

    Gina – My black and white tuxedo cat tolerates the dogs. She likes to observe from the top of the kitchen cabinets. She is a great mouser as well. She loves to be brushed.

    Iggy – He is a Red-Lore Amazon parrot. Everyone wants to hold or touch him, but he is very picky about who can handle him. He talks some, and he is really good about imitating the phone when it rings. When he is bored, he will start to sound like the phone because he knows that someone will run to answer it … then he laughs!

    I also have 3 horses, a mule, sheep, goats, chickens and geese, so I spend a lot of time at the barn. I like to ride, ski, garden and can what I grow. I still help out at the Douglas County Fair, and I was a past 4H Superintendent and leader.